YUKKA written by Mathilde Bach Stougaard

When I first met Janet Meaney, I was intrigued by her story as an artist and when she provided more information after signing up to the makers directory, I was eager to know more about her practice.

I looked at some more pictures of her works and in fact my YUKKA (which I call it and which is the piece below that could be described as a vessel with the shape of a vase) was one out of three pictures that Janet submitted for her Weavers around the World profile, which you can see here.

We quickly started chatting and then I decided to ask more about this particular piece, which is now standing in my home for me to enjoy the beauty of every day, the colours of the leaves are absolutely stunning and a natural beauty colour of nature.

For anyone interested in knowing more, here is a Q&A about this piece followed by a couple of images for those who would like to see and read more about other works from Janet.

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GROWING WILLOW FOR BASKETRY (original blog post by Lene Rasmussen)

This month, I have the pleasure of sharing the content of another blog that I recently came across as I was creating a maker profile in the Weavers around the World directory for Lene Rasmussen. She is a professional maker and her business is called Lakeshore Willows – you can see her full profile here for a start.

Willow is a material used by many in this group and growing it (or buying it), is the first step for many creations and works, which is why I was drawn to this post in the first place.

Willow beds late summer with Salix x ‘Americana’ on the right and Salix purpurea ‘Streamco’ on the left (Photo credit: Lene Rasmussen).

Let me share this knowledge about how to grow willow for basketry – for first time growers or perhaps you are thinking about growing it later on. Maybe you have been growing willow for years and just need a little inspiration or confirmation that you are doing it the ‘right’ way…

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Basketry with Invasive Plants. By Marcia Morse Mullins

[Editorial Note: In an effort to reduce confusion due to common names that vary by country or region, scientific names are included so each plant’s identification is clear.]

Our planet has a large variety of diverse ecosystems. We know where to find a barrier reef, an alpine meadow, or a seaside beach, and we anticipate seeing certain living organisms in each biome. The origin and nature of a species within an ecosystem is distinguished by the terms native, alien, and invasive:

  • A species that originated in an area without any human intervention is native to that area.
  • A species that has moved from its native environment to another location is alien to its new environment.
  • An alien species that harms the environment, the economy, or human health is invasive to its alien environment. The harm caused by invasives can include displacing native species (environmental), causing extensive floods (economy), or carrying infectious vectors (human health). The term environmental weed is often used in place of the word invasive.
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A visit to the course ‘Baskodenn with François Deplanches’. Written By Mathilde Bach Stougaard

On a spring day in May 75km south of Copenhagen in the forest south of Køge, the windy road takes me down a small track, which eventually takes me to a beautiful house in the forest  (this is the place and studio of Mai Hvid Jørgensen, who is a professional willow maker).

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Kids National Basket Weaving Day – why and what it’s all about – Q&A. By Mathilde Bach Stougaard

When I first heard about the Kids National Basket Weaving Day event, I thought “This is a great idea!” and as I quickly learned, many people also find this new initiative amazing!

Therefore, whether you are signed up to participate or not, it’s worthwhile getting to know about this day (the first time this event will be held is on June 27th 2020).

And what better place to share this information than Weavers around the World. It matches the focus of an international community perfectly and the focus on sharing knowledge is very much aligned with what this website and community is all about.

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