Lene Rasmussen

Lene Rasmussen
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Lakeshore Willows

Through Lakeshore Willows which I established in 2007, I work to contribute to a developing interest (in North America) in willow and its many uses, participating in reintroducing a time-honoured craft. I have enjoyed learning from some of the finest willow basket makers from Denmark, Ireland and the US and am continually seeking opportunities for learning new skills. I was born in Denmark and lived there most of my life. Now I am fortunate to be able to draw on that background as I can call a few very talented Danish willow artists my mentors.
I enjoy growing my own willows without the use of chemicals and make baskets to sell. In addition to that I also teach workshops in willow basketry and living willow structures.

My work is sold at select markets, from my workshop and made to order from the internet.

  • Lene Rasmussen
  • Lene Rasmussen
  • Lene Rasmussen


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