Fun with Flax: 50 Projects for Beginners

Fun with Flax: 50 Projects for Beginners
Author(s): Mick Pendergrast
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This book includes illustrations and instructions for 50 projects, most of which are quick and easy to complete and are particularly suitable for children, e.g., a fish and other animal shapes, stars, puzzles, boats and darts. It also includes instructions for a knotted basket and a basket made with sewn plaits as well as various plaiting techniques that will find a use in other weaving projects.
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Level: Beginner, Intermediate
Publisher: Raupo Publishing (NZ) Ltd
Edition: Published: 10 June 2008
ISBN: 9780143009931
Original language: English
Translations: None
E-book version available: No
Image credit: li Brown (scanned image)
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