Raranga Whakairo: Maori Plaiting Patterns

Raranga Whakairo: Maori Plaiting Patterns
Author(s): Mick Pendergrast
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Patterned weaving is an attractive feature of traditional New Zealand flax weaving and this book illustrates, with clear black and white line drawings, how to set the patterns for a large number of coloured and self-patterned weaves. Each pattern’s origin and original weaver is documented along with some indication of how the pattern is executed. Some of the patterns are straightforward to interpret and set up but some of the more complex diagrams will require careful thinking and preparation to complete.
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Level: Intermediate, Advanced
Publisher: Raupo Publishing (NZ) Ltd
Edition: 2011
ISBN: 9780143565673
Original language: English
Translations: None
E-book version available: No
Image credit: Ali Brown (scanned image)
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