How to make a Piupiu

How to make a Piupiu
Author(s): Leilani Rickard
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Leilani Rickard explains, with full colour photos, the methods used in making a piupiu. All the techniques used to make a piupiu are illustrated, including cutting and stripping the flax into strips, marking and scraping the patterns onto the strips, boiling, the twisting of flax fibre into cords to make the waistband, and traditional mud-dyeing of the completed piupiu. If you are using the information in this book to make a piupiu, do study the flow chart on pages 90-91, as it combines all the methods and techniques in a step-by-step plan.
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Level: Intermediate, Advanced
Publisher: Raupo
Edition: 2019
ISBN: 9780143009450
Original language: English
Translations: None
E-book version available: No
Image credit: Ali Brown (scanned image)
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