Making your first small korowai

Making your first small korowai
Author(s): Robin Hill
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Weaving NZ maori cloaks is an ancient art passed down through the generations. Traditionally muka made from harakeke (NZ flax) was used to make these beautiful garments. There are many fine examples in our museums. With the renewed interest in korowai weaving many people are wanting to learn the skills to make a cloak for their own whanau.  Modern materials enable more peopel to achieve their goal. This booklet is designed as a step by step simple guide to weaving a small korowai piece to start that journey.
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Level: Beginner, Intermediate
Publisher: Soft Systems
Edition: 2013
ISBN: 978-0-473-25754-5
Original language: English
Translations: None
E-book version available: No
Image credit: Ali Brown (scanned image)
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