Jennifer Cardwell

Jennifer Cardwell
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JC Caning

I graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a degree in Communication Arts and Design. I was graphically educated before computers were the way and life, so I developed a true appreciation for using your hands to create. It is a desire to use my hands to create and relishing the meditation of repetitive motions while not losing focus on the attention to detail.

I have woven a variety of seats – some of which have been extremely challenging. I relish the fact that each chair is different and needs to be assessed independently. Whether challenging or straightforward, each project adds depth to my experience.

My goal as an artisan is to respect the history of seat weaving by researching materials and techniques from the past to achieve an authentic restoration. There are tools available today, that were not available in the past, and new techniques that help to ensure longevity of restorations. I work to blend the knowledge and skills of the past with tools and techniques of today to restore a piece with authenticity and longevity that will in no way affect the originality.

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  • Jennifer Cardwell
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