Silvia Onofri

Silvia Onofri
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LaDagala Bottega

I live on the Mount Etna (Sicily) from 2005, here I found my roots, coming from Bologna, a northern town of Italy. I got in love with this wonderful country and started to grow my garden, to collect and transform herbs as to grow up my two children.

In 2014 I met an old man of the village who taught me the rudimentary of traditional Sicilian weaving, from then I've been discovering an amazing world of infinitive knowledge. I attempted twice the courses of Weaving by the sea, and other courses in Italy, with Nico Solimano and Alexandra Marks.

Now I am always weaving every kind of vegetal material I find in my neighbourhood, cane Arundo Donax, elm, olive, willow.... into basket of many types and traditions, (as I don't really like making just one only thing), which I occasionally sell into little markets.

I hope to continue weaving and enjoying it as well as I hope to start working more with it, to find a way to sell my baskets.

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  • Silvia Onofri


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