Laura Lee Zanger

Laura Lee Zanger
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Dream Weaver Enterprises

Laura Lee Zanger has been designing baskets and writing patterns since October 2000. She has been teaching on the basketry convention circuit in the USA since 2002. She enjoys expressing her creativity using the twill techniques of the Southeastern American Indians.  Though a non-native she is a member of the Oklahoma Native American Basketweavers Association where she teaches and shares her knowledge of the number rhythms in the ancient weaving techniques.

     Laura Lee has also written basketry poems and instructional books. Her goal is to enlighten everyone on the thrill of twill, weaving single and double woven baskets, mats and trays.

     Laura Lee has made large mats and baskets for Caddo Mounds State Historic Site in Alto, Texas.  She is reviving the ancient Caddo Turkey Design and incorporating it and their number rhythm into mats and baskets. The patterns she writes using the Caddo Turkey motif are only available to the Caddoans.

     Currently Laura Lee is heading up an International grassroots movement to save basketry for future generations called Kids National Basket Weaving Day scheduled on June 27, 2020. Basket weavers all over the world will be teaching children 10 years and up accompanied by an adult family member to make a basket. On that day and through their combined efforts they will increase the number of basket makers in the world. Sowing the Seeds of Basketry is their motto. Their goal is to continue to nurture the new basket makers with continued classes and secure the future of basketry.

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