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My name is Tünde Kiss. I live in Hungary in a small village called Hollókő. It’s listed on the world heritage list by UNESCO.

I’m a self-employed handicraft artisan. I make different size baskets, weaved glasses, lampshades, handbags, belt, shoes and jewellweries. I like to do thing, what people can use, but of course I make some decoration things too. For example flowers, dolls. Nowdays I like to work mostly with bullrushes.

I have courses also. I do it for children or adult too. I think it’s iportant to give our knowledge to the others. In our country not many people work with cattail or bullrush, or even know the materials. Several times I go for a festival, and I teach the children some handicraft methods.

In 2018 The Ministry of Agriculture announced a competition.  It was about the traditional Hungarian dressing culture. The tender made it possible to design cloths and accessories that are exclusively characterized by traditional shape, material and technique. I also applied this program successfully, and The Ministry of Agriculture sponsored me to make my collection. The fashion from the nature collection are: hat, belt, handbag, backpack and shoes. They are all made from cattail.

I’m also proud that mostly of my product are qualified. A qualified work of applied folk art is a registered item of the Museum of Applied Hungarian Folk Art in category "A" or "B". I have a special Trademark on these product.

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I have seen and learnt quite alot from your crafts Tunde. And i have observed the much love you have for nature that you have applied to promote the weaving tradition in your country and the world at large. Keep on passimg on the skill to younger generation as this will make you stand out. Thank you.

Nangoma Zebia | October 21, 2019

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