Weavers around the World is an inclusive community and therefore we offer all information on this website for free including our monthly newsletter (ad hoc in the beginning).

In addition, you can join our Facebook group for free as well, click here to access it. All we ask is for you to answer three questions before being accepted to the group.


To create a sustainable initiative, we also offer paid memberships where you will get access to exclusive content for paid members with a global focus, while you also support the initiative and help it thrive.

There is a small yearly fee of $ (more to come), which is paid via PayPal.

We are also considering creating a digital membership magazine but this will be reviewed in the future (digital because we want everyone around the world to be able to access it but also because we care about the environment by not providing printed editions to ship).


More to come about how to pay for the membership and how to access the membership group online, only for members.


Funds will go towards building up and maintaining the website including the directory at this point in time. Later on funds will also go towards learning activities, events etc.