If you would like to have a profile on our site, please send an email to with the following information:

For the website for anyone to view:

  • Name
  • Country
  • Type of maker (professional, hobby or both)
  • Website or other preferred online site
  • Business name (if any specific name)
  • About (a description of you, your work and anything else you feel would be good to add – currently no word limit)
  • 1 profile picture of you
  • 3 images of your work
  • Tags that people will be able to find you under (for example, willow, baskets etc.)

For the purpose of getting in touch with you if needed (this information is not to view publicly):

  • Phone number
  • Email address

A form might be created in the future.

Once we hear from you we will review the content and start the process of creating your profile

Everything is currently being managed manually for ease at this early stage.

In the future, it will be possible for you as a maker to claim a profile and manage it yourself as well as adding additional information based on a small fee (more to come about this in the future).

We would also like to acknowledge makers that might have passed away for their contribution to this field but that is to be developed in the future.

At this point in time we are looking for people to join a committee, which purpose is to accept or decline applications based on a professional judgement.

Please get in touch if you would like to be part of the committee.

By joining the committee you will also get the chance to have a say regarding selection criteria, which will be outlined in more details in the future.